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The Super Awesome Pinball Show

May 16, 2022

The first part of our exclusive interview with our favorite guest, Mr. George Gomez.  There's a few exclusives dropped here, and tons of Stern insight on things to come, plus TONS of fun!  All this and MORE!

Apr 30, 2022

The Super Awesome Pinball Show is back, but on a somber note, as we present the final interview Lyman Sheats gave before his untimely passing.  Learn about CGC's nw Cactus Canyon, but also learn about the man that became a legend, in a very personal chat with Franchi and Dr. Pin... and the introduction of our...

Oct 1, 2021

Join Franchi for a few quick updates, including details on the CoinTaker Super Awesome Pinball Tailgate Party.  Find out about a new show, and a VERY special guest coming up on Franchi's Fireside Chat.  All this and more, on this bite size episode of Super Awesome!

Sep 1, 2021


Join Franchi and Dr. Pin as they give you an old school episode of TSAPS, as well as Bonus details about the upcoming Super Awesome Tailgate Bash at CoinTaker.  It's not the usual long one (That's what she said).


Jul 5, 2021

Join Franchi and Dr. Pin as they speak exclusively with Spooky Pinball's Charlie Emery, Bug and artist Jason Edmiston about their new game Halloween, as well as Ultraman!  Learn about the making of both games with all the inside information!