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The Super Awesome Pinball Show

Feb 12, 2021


Episode 25!! (The Final One??)  We are honored to wrap up our in-depth interview with the Man Who Saved Pinball and wrap up the game show Stump the 'Stache with him too.  Find out Rogers thoughts on the future of pinball as well as the bio pic about his life, in production new.  Also, news, rumors and other pin junk...

Jan 29, 2021

BONUS EPISODE:  Join Franchi, Dr Pin and special co-host Mrs. Pin as we welcome the new Senior Mechanical Engineer of American Pinball, Zofia Ryan, along with David Fix for a celebration of women in pinball.  News, rumors and other junk too!  It's shorter than usual but that may make some of you cheer!

Jan 23, 2021

Episode 23!!  We are honored to have the Man Who Saved Pinball on our show.  Not only got a 2-part interview, but a 2-part game show to boot.  Roger plays for dog food to go to a Military k-9 Dog Shelter by answering questions supplied by some of pinball greatest stars!  Also, news, rumors, info on our new subscription...

Jan 4, 2021


HAPPY NEW YEAR!!  Franchi & Dr. Pin are joined by David Fix and a Mystery Guest from American Pinball to reveal their exclusive plans to turn around the pin makers fortunes. Many exciting bombs are dropped!  Also the latest news, rumors and the additions to our pinball families over the holidays!  YAY, NEW PINBALLL! ...